London 2012 tried to hire Keith Moon, drummer of The Who died in 1978

The Olympic Games or the Olympics are often great events of different nature such as the sports, musical or cultural but apparently has not yet created an Olympiad of intelligence or, at least, local general culture. London 2012 promoters are in it after the huge mistake they have made to the closing of the Olympics.

The organization of the close of the London 2012 Olympic Games had to believe at face value that that old rockers never die, and so have made it known to everyone after the documentation team made ​​a faux Olympic leg in wanting to provide a finishing touch to the event and have the presence of The Who drummer Keith Moon.

The documentation team should be composed of members not to reach 30 years of age, but that's no excuse to have heard, once, a legendary British band's song as "My Generation" or "Baba O'riley" or simply listen to the soundtrack of the television series CSI in all its extensions.

http://www.a24.com/export/sites/diarioa24/imagenes/2012/04/17/keith_moon.jpg_916179109.jpgThe issue is that the organization sent him an invitation to the legendary band's manager, Bill Curbishley, to invite this great event to Keith Moon. How could it be otherwise had their answer in this case negative and why the battery would not participate in this event but rather why, and is a slight catch minor, 34 years ago the battery died, namely 7 September 1978 at age 32 from an overdose of pills.

Bill Curbishley, manager of the legendary British rock band, Contestí as follows and it has made ​​known to the newspaper "The Times": "Keith currently resides in the Golders Green Crematorium, having lived up to the line of one of the hymns of the Who that says "I hope I die before they are old." If you have a round table, some glasses and candles, could get in touch with him."

The good intention of the organizers, apparently, was that Keith Moon participate in the "Symphony of Rock", a celebration of British pop culture to be part of the event's closing ceremony on August 12. Some other time.

In January 2011, the British magazine Q Keih Moon named the best drummer in the history and radically changed the role of the batteries as mere extras in music groups to make an essential tool battery.

Still waiting to be answered, hoping it will be in a short time, artists like John Lennon or Brian Jones, founder of the Rolling Stones. Others deceased British artists have not yet received their invitation.

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