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Will Smith and his son Jaden unleash the madness in a TV studio

Will Smith, Jaden Smith, After Earth, film, music, television, cinema, moviesWill Smith and his son Jaden were the guests of a British television program BBC. This became a disco to the surprises that the actor had prepared the presenter and the audience.


Will Smith already has new ideas for "Men In Black 4" a few days ago has been released in theaters the third film in the series "Men In Black" when the actor Will Smith already has in mind a possible fourth edition, and even many more, from new ideas that Will has in mind for the near future. As said the director's last film.


Jaden Smith will star in the series "Boy nobody" Smith, who all know as the son of Will Smith and have played the main character, Daniel Larusso, from the movie "Karate Kid" will star in the first film of a trilogy entitled "Nobody Boy" based on the history of the novel juvenile Allen Zadoff.