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Michael Jackson resurrected at 2014 Billboard Awards

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The 2014 Billboard Awards had been a surprise out of the blue, but we all expected this time with big intensive. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has "risen" through technology in a 3D image.


Born a new music event in Ibiza: Ibiza 123 Rocktronic Festival
If the beaches of Ibiza and, above all, the beaches of San Antonio in particular are idyllic places as far as concerns sunsets and more so in regards to dance music, house and chill-out, now comes another reference and a musical mix concept, the "rocktronic" to be born in a new festival for the Ibizan landscape.


Madonna debuts the video for "Give me all your luvin ' is still obsessed with his performance, before long, the Superbowl will be broadcast worldwide. For this reason and has premiered music video for her first single "Give me all your luvin" collaboration with MIA and Nicki Minaj. And, of course, has much to do with the sport of rugby.


Demi Lovato wants to sing with Eminem that they are two names that reconcile a lot, but today in the music world everything is possible and can get really explosive duos or collaborations. This is the case with Demi Lovato, the former Disney actress wants to do a duet with rapper Eminem.