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Elton John will release new album in September

Elton John, music, new albumElton John announces the release of a new album with unreleased musical material for the month of September. The British singer has had, once again, the collaboration of lyricist and singer Bernie Taupin. "The Diving Board" will be the title of the thirtieth album of Elton John.


Elton John will present a new album of dance music John, tireless musical artist ever there is still news and on this occasion, very good news to post which will present a dance music album in Ibiza 123 festival to be held in early July.


Justin Timberlake will play Elton John in movie John has revealed he wants the actor and singer Justin Timberlake interpreter for an upcoming movie about his life. The British singer said that the announcement will be soon adding that Timberlake was the number one choice.