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Elton John will present a new album of dance music John, tireless musical artist ever there is still news and on this occasion, very good news to post which will present a dance music album in Ibiza 123 festival to be held in early July.


Born a new music event in Ibiza: Ibiza 123 Rocktronic Festival
If the beaches of Ibiza and, above all, the beaches of San Antonio in particular are idyllic places as far as concerns sunsets and more so in regards to dance music, house and chill-out, now comes another reference and a musical mix concept, the "rocktronic" to be born in a new festival for the Ibizan landscape.


Soraya, new single with Antoine Clamaran back again with a new theme from the hand of French DJ Antonie Clamaran continuing the musical adventure that led to their complete success on the slopes of more than half the world and in all commercial radio stations.