The End 2013. Once upon a time 2014

2013, 2014, new yearAgain another year. Again have spent 365 days and all countries of the world are slowly coming to a new year. For some it will be 2014, for others it will be a more advanced year. The point is that the Earth is changing again of year and we are here to celebrate it. Or maybe not.

If we were to review the year 2013 in regards to the world of music, film, radio and television; we would need hours and hours to read everything that has happened in all these days. Rather, you would have to make mentally a review on all areas of the entertainment.

New Releases, failures, comebacks, farewells, withdrawals, deaths, new stars, new albums, compilations, new movies, remakes, TV shows converted into a global reference, words and more words in the radio waves that have done a thousand and one turns worldwide. Awards ceremonies where we have not to be a seer to know what famous artists, songs and movies were on the lists of winners.

2013, 2014, new yearWe've seen once again as the boys of One Direction have been number 1 song after song on the charts all around the world and we have listened their almost perfect "Midnight Memories". Justin Bieber has returned to get from one side to the other between success and disappointment. Between solidarity and good example to crazy parties and bad image that has give mainly lying to his fans saying that he was retiring from music. We open eyed seeing Miley Cyrus flying nude in a metal ball to the rhythm of "Wreckling Ball". We have ridden with Psy and his "Gangnam Style" all summer and we have heard over and over again hundreds of versions of this song. Of course there are many more, but this is a tiny summary of what has happened in the world of music.

In the field of cinema, we have been floated in outer space with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in "Gravity". We have flown with "Man of Steel" but has not flown enough taking a big bump, a big disappointment with what was expected from this movie . We have also ridden with Johnny Depp in the success of  "The Lone Ranger". It was a great kick in the ass of film critics that from the moment that the film began to shoot, destructive and negative reviews was our daily bread. We saw more of the same with "A Good Day to Die Hard" with Bruce Willis shooting right and left against his enemies and flying in every bomb exploded. Was it needed another film in the series ? . More of the same we have also seen in "The Hangover Part III" with Bradley Cooper, so much so that this third part that itself has caused more of a hangover on leaving the cinema. We have not rusty at all in the 2013 blockbuster "Iron Man 3" with Robert Downey Jr. . And we felt once again the speed and adrenaline in our veins with Vin Diesel and the deceased Paul Walker in "Fast & Furious 6" . In 2014, we will see Paul Walker for the last time in "Fast & Furious 7" , although it has shot only half of the film, after the death in a fatal car accident. The rest , apart from the Oscars and the Golden Globes, you can imagine if you've been to the cinema in 2013.

2013, 2014, new year
In television and radio we would have thousands of pages to write. Programs radio and TV that smell of success and fail, others that seem losers but end up being a success, television series that prepare their "spin-off", another series starting a new season and others coming to an end. As in the world of radio, dance of journalists, artists, presenters and speakers from television network to another and from one radio station to another as if they were butterflies flying from flower to flower in search of the desired nectar, having a higher payroll than the last.

Of course this is the opinion of this blog. Each will have its own verdict in each country and each of you will know what has been successful and what has been a complete failure, fiasco or disappointment in your eyes and your ears. You have all the freedom to write what ever you want with respect as the main objective.

Let's do a final review to 2013 and let's make room for 2014 that just started.

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