Little Richard considers retirement at 80

Little Richard, Rock and Roll, music, Tutti FruttiOne of the pioneers of Rock and Roll definitely say goodbye to music, at 80 years old. Little Richard, can do no more. Until June has been relentlessly rocking out, but his body asks him that his fingers stop of wandering around the white and black of the pianos. Little Richard, says goodbye.

It is not easy for an artist to say goodbye to many years of career and many success accumulated throughout his life, though some artists have died with their boots on and above the stage. Although the memory of many of them still present in their music and in mind of their most loyal fans.

Little Richard, Rock and Roll, music, Tutti FruttiIt will not, for now, the case of one of the fathers of Rock and Roll, Little Richard, though he has said that was regarded as the "architect" of Rock and Roll, which puts an end to his long musical career, which began in the 50's and which has reaped many successes that have been danced by generations. He has stated in an interview with the U.S. edition of Rolling Stone Magazine.

In his last concert in June of this year, at the Howard Theatre in Washington, he told the audience that was present: "Jesus, help me. I can hardly breathe. It's Horrible". Unfortunately for him, in some of his recent performances, Little Richard had to be moved to the piano in a wheelchair.

So strong is the pain that he feels at having to leave all that he loves, so sad that he has stated in the interview: "I'm finished, in a sense, because I do not feel like doing anything". Making review of all his hits, Little Richard says: "I think that my legacy must to be that when I started in music was not rock'n'roll. When I started with 'Tutti Frutti', is when it really started to rock.".

To the memory of everybody stay for a vast number of songs and hits that we did, and we still do dance until running out of breath, and his famous battle cry: "A-wop-bop-a-loo-bop-a-wop -bam-boom". 

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