Muse revealed the title of their new album, "Drones"

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Muse, the English alternative rock band, after getting our curiosity was rising, uploading different photos and videos to social networks, has unveiled what will be the title of his new album, "Drones".

Since last October, the British band Muse has been working on their new album, a new job that will be the continuation of the album "The 2nd Law" edited and published in 2012. In recent months, they have attracted the attention of their fans and curious publishing some short videos through social networks, while they still maintaining the most absolute secrecy about all the details of "Drones".

Despite all this mystique, members of Muse, Matt Bellamy, Christopher Wolstenholme and Dominic Howard, wanted to give part of his benevolence to your audience and have released another video, in his Instagram account, in which we strolling through a mixer. Among many buttons, lights and gauges, appears a fleeting detail that Hawkeye of the most curious does not go unnoticed. In a time of shooting, the camera focuses briefly on the screen where we can see the title of the next album.

Hoping to give us final confirmation, is expected that the new musical work of Muse is on sale this summer. While the band is immersed in a European festival tour, which will bring the Bilbao BBK Live Festival (Spain) to be held from 9 to 11 July; and NOS Alive (formerly Optimus Alive) in Lisbon, to be held on the same dates.


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