Gerard Depardieu is Jules Rimet in film history of FIFA

Gerard Depardieu, France, Russia, cinema, Obelix, movies, filmGerard Depardieu has a new film project which will be in charge of playing Jules Rimet in the movie that will discuss the history of the International Football Federation (FIFA).


Sofia Vergara is again becoming the "Blonde Ambition"

Sofia Vergara, cinema, film, movies, television, Modern FamilySofia Vergara returns to her origins. Colombian actress has decided to dye her hair blonde, her natural color, and shows her long hair to all his followers. The summer is waiting her.


Will Smith complains about he has not been the star of "Django"

Will Smith, Hollywood, film, movie, Men In Black, I Legend, After EarthWill Smith reveals the reason why he abandoned  Quentin Tarantino's film "Django unchained". He wanted to be the protagonist. After reading the script and have several meetings with the director decided it was Jaime Foxx who take the lead role in the film.


Victoria Beckham leaves the music definitely

Victoria Beckham, Spice Girls, music, fashionFormer member of the British group Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham, definitely leave the music world after her representative make public in a press release. Right now, your business and your family are most important in her life.


Yoko Ono shows John Lennon's bloody glasses to protest against weapons

Yoko Ono, John Lennon, artist, music, activist, pacifist, peace, The Beatles
Yoko Ono has shown in her Twitter account a picture of supposedly bloody glasses of John Lennon that he wore on the day he was murdered. With this photo, the widow of singer makes protest against weapons.


The inspiration for Bruno Mars, the female genitals

Bruno Mars, music, Locked out of HeavenBruno Mars just confessed how best has inspiration to compose their successes, the female genitalia. It is not very common in the vast majority of artists but it seems to work very well to him.


There will be a sequel to "Hansel and Gretel"

Hansel and Gretel, Hollywood, movie, film, Jeremy Renner, Gemma Arterton, cinemaParamount Pictures has given the go ahead to start developing the sequel to the brothers "Hansel and Gretel", especially after the international success that has produced the movie studios a good profit on the original film.


Lindsay Lohan escapes jail again

Lindsay Lohan, television, cinema, Hollywood, Los Angeles, New York, film, moviesActress Lindsay Lohan is back to escape from jail, yet again, after her lawyer has reached an agreement with the judge of a court in Los Angeles. Still, she has to meet a number of conditions that have been imposed mandatorily and she will have to meet if she doesn't wants jail time.


Justin Bieber in Spain, unpunctual and threatening

Justin Bieber, music, Pop, Believe, TourJustin Bieber was presented this week in Spain, in two concerts in Madrid and Barcelona, as part of his Believe Tour. As always madness has been unleashed in the streets and at their concerts but he, as a person, as his bodyguards are very poor in kindness.


Universal denies that Emma Watson participates in "Fifty shades of Grey"

Emma Watson, cinema, Hollywood, Harry Potter, film, moviesUniversal Studios has had to deny urgently that actress Emma Watson will not star in the erotic trilogy "50 shades of Grey" after Anonymous had revealed that she would be present in them.


Dave Batista joins the "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Dave Bautista, WWF, Marvel, Disney, Guardians of the Galaxy, film, HollywoodFormer professional wrestler wrestling, Dave Bautista, has signed with Disney and Marvel to become one of the stars of the new futuristic superhero movie titled "Guardians of the Galaxy" that will direct James Gunn.


Sony is ready for the return of "The Smurfs"

The Smurfs, cartoons, Hollywood, Sony, The Smurfs 2, movie, filmIn Sony Pictures Animation is all set to release the second part of the film "The Smurfs". For those who want to see these little characters blues in the U.S., will have to wait until the end of July and in August in Europe and Latin America.


Mickey Mouse returns with short films for television

Mickey Mouse, cartoons, Disney, HollywoodMickey Mouse returns to television from his Clubhouse Disney with 19 shorts. Thus the most famous mouse of cartoon factory leaves his retirement in children's channels to return to the forefront of today in the XXI century.


Disney is preparing a new version of "Beauty and the Beast"

Beauty and the Beast, Disney, classic, cartoon, Oscar, film, movie, HollywoodThe Disney factory relocates the look at the classics that has given so much success to the company. This time is the turn for the Oscar-winning movie "Beauty and the Beast" which like the above it will happen from cartoon characters to characters of flesh and blood.


One Direction forced to delete post on Facebook and Twitter

One Direction, music, X-Factor, 1DThe boys of group One Direction have been forced to delete certain posts in two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter. It appears that the group encouraged to upload photos and videos allowing display a tattoo in honor of the group. One way to encourage tattooing at teens.


Rihanna cancels concert for laryngitis

Rihanna, artist, music, Unapologetic, StayRihanna has had to cancel the concert that was scheduled in Boston for the night of March 10 because of laryngitis. By Order of the doctors, the Barbadian singer will have to be quiet for a few days but soon plans to continue her tour.


Noel Gallagher attacks Justin Bieber

Noel Gallagher, Oasis, musicNoel Gallagher wanted to give his critical view on the Canadian singer Justin Bieber and the delay of two hours he had in the first concert in London which has brought a barrage of criticism from the British media.


Justin Bieber hospitalized after running out of air at a concert in London

Justin Bieber, music, London, BelieveJustin Bieber had to be assisted by the medical services for respiratory problems that the singer suffered during his concert in London. In the break he had to administer oxygen but returned to the stage against the decision of the doctors.


Russell Crowe said he saw a UFO

Russell Crowe, actor, Hollywood, film, cinema, moviesRussell Crowe claims to have photographed a UFO at the time when the actor and his friend were doing some photos from the office to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. These photographs have caused a stir among fans of this kind of story and fans of the actor.


CNBC emits negative publicity about itself

CNBC, cnbc.com, televisionFOX Business launches campaign that accuses CNBC for intimidating managers, with this attack, CNBC is publishing and broadcasting negative publicity about itself.

Carrie Fisher confirms that will be in the Star Wars Episode VII

Carrie Fisher, Princesa Leia, Star Wars, cinema, film, movies, HollywoodActress Carrie Fisher was the next of the cast of the saga "Star Wars" has confirmed the return of the character of Princess Leia in the seventh episode of the franchise 30 years after her first appearance.

Valerie Harper says she has terminal brain cancer

Valerie Harper, television, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, actressTV icon actress Valerie Harper, best known for her role as Rhoda on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show", has revealed at People Magazine that she has terminal brain cancer. She only got three months to live.


Harrison Ford will be in the sequel to "Anchorman"

Harrison Ford, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han Solo, AnchormanActor Harrison Ford joins the sequel to the movie "Anchorman", a comedy centered on the world of television starring Will Ferrell, which interpreted a veteran television presenter.

Heidi Klum joins the jury of 'America's Got Talent'

Heidi Klum, model, television, americas got talent, america's got talentThe model, Heidi Klum has signed a contract to become the fourth member of the jury at the famous NBC television reality show "America's Got Talent" with Howie Mandel, Howard Stern and former Spice Girl Mel B.


Adele put back her voice to the soundtrack of James Bond

Adele, music, Rolling in the deep, Skyfall, OscarAfter the success of the Oscars by winning the statuette for Best Song, the producers of the James Bond want to trust again in Adele to lend her voice in the upcoming film of the secret agent.


NBC plans to withdraw Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" in 2014

Jay Leno, NBC, television, TV, program, The Tonight ShowThe 2013-2014 season could be the last of Jay Leno at the head of a late night show on NBC, "The Tonight Show". The U.S. television network wants that the program reachs to younger audience, for that NBC plans to hire a presenter younger than veteran Leno.

Goats also can sing international hits

goat, animal, music The animals have decided to start singing again and make major choirs singing songs and hits from every era. This time goats are the main protagonists of these audiovisuals that they dare with everybody. A good way to laugh a little bit of everything.


Disney wants Emma Watson is the new Cinderella

Emma Watson, cinema, film, Disney, Holllywood, Cinderella, 2013Disney is negotiating with actress Emma Watson to become the next Cinderella in another adaptation of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Although there are other candidates for the lead role, Watson seems to be the favorite to interpret her.


David Bowie allows listen completely his new album "The Next Day"

David Bowie, music, The Next Day, 2013David Bowie, 11 days before his official release worldwide, allows fans to hear his new album "The Next Day", full and free through the iTunes digital platform. For a limited time.