Lindsay Lohan arrested for fighting at a club in New York

http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Guardian/Pix/pictures/2012/11/29/1354192153568/Lindsay-Lohan-010.jpgActress Lindsay Lohan has once again been arrested following a fight, among other reasons, which took place at a club in New York. Her police record continues to rise and since 2007 when she was arrested in California for driving while intoxicated.


Lenny Kravitz will be Marvin Gaye in cinema

http://www.electric-banana.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/Lenny-Kravitz.jpgAgain the music and film are mixed one more time for a new biopic. This time it's one of the great artists of soul music, Marvin Gaye, which will be played by another singer, Lenny Kravitz. 


Tom Cruise is own Trafalgar Square

http://i.i.com.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2012/10/29/AP669363406446_620x350.jpgTom Cruise is back to do the impossible and not because he is shooting a new film in the series "Mission Impossible" but because Cruise has managed to completely empty and London's famous Trafalgar Square for his next film.


Larry Hagman dies, J.R. "Dallas", at 81

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/muere-larry-hagman-el-notorio-villano-j-r-de-dallas/2012_11_24_t3ko8XnCCBBEpHdrrVIyh6.jpg?width=642&height=482&type=height&id=9wNxnafRmyHbfE5MsZpTU2&time=1353777204&project=lainformacionLarry Hagman, the actor who starred as JR on "Dallas" has died at age 81 in a hospital in Texas as a result of complications of cancer for over a year suffered.


Lady Gaga spends Thanksgiving with sexually abused little girls

http://cdn.tuteve.tv/files/2012/11/22/gaga_11.jpgLady Gaga wanted to enjoy and provide a Thanksgiving Day special and rewarding in every way surrounded by "new friends" and support, once again, to the weakest. This time it was in Peru and a group of sexually abused little girls.


Kristen Stewart will be Snow White

http://butacaancha.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Kristen-S-640x420.pngThere will be sequel to "Snow White and the Huntsman" according to a statement from the Universal film studio in Hollywood. After a tug of war between the producer and the stars of the film, Kristen Stewart has said yes I want to do, once again, Snow White.


Penelope Cruz, the new muse of Nespresso

http://www.mercado.com.ar/public/imagenes/0000036520.jpgPenelope Cruz is not enough to have starred in the 2013 Campari calendar, to be the new face of Loewe, who also just joined the Nespresso brand campaign to become the new brand ambassador of coffee.


Pedro Almodovar is passed to science fiction

http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa329/yulb2/pedroalmodovarlean.jpgPedro Almodovar wants to give another twist to his career as a film director and is willing to draw from a hat a new challenge, to make a science fiction film inspired by "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".


Salma Hayek: "I was rejected to be Mexican in Hollywood"

http://www.rankingfamosos.com/imagenes/famosos/20110218/salma-hayek-86.jpgActress Salma Hayek has confided in an interview with British newspaper The Sun recalling her early, though not very good, as an actress in Tinseltown, Hollywood, to leave her beautiful and beloved Mexico.


Johnny Depp wants to Keith Richards in "Pirates of the Caribbean"

U.S. actor Johnny Depp wants to follow Captain Jack Sparrow leading to fantastic worlds and unsuspected, imitating, for the fifth time, the "master" of his character, the Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. So he wants to have his hand again to film "Pirates of the Caribbean".


Michael J. Fox stars in the latest campaign for Gap

The actor Michael J. Fox returns to the present, thanks to the U.S. apparel brand Gap starring with his wife Tracy Pollan and other artists for its latest advertising campaign for Christmas.


Katie Holmes wants to shoot a new "Dawson's Creek"

http://quemedices.diezminutos.es/var/qmd/storage/images/noticias_famosos/katie_holmes_en_los_huesos_por_la_dieta_de_la_cienciologia/de_nina_a_mujer_fatal/dawson/200933-1-esl-ES/dawson_galeria_landscape.jpgAgain, another artist who wants to return to his roots. Another actress who wants to go back to where they came forward and, perhaps, re-making their future profession. This time it is the turn of actress Katie Holmes plans to roll back the TV series "Dawson's Creek".


Alexander Skarsgard is the new Tarzan

http://depaginas.es/images/api/c/6/b/e/1337582893-Alexander_Skarsgard.jpgSwedish actor Alexander Skarsgard has been chosen by British filmmaker David Yates to play the legendary character of Tarzan. Although we will see a more modern character than we are used to and far from the story of his creator.


Gary Dourdan, "CSI", ruined by drugs and alcohol

http://www.clarin.com/espectaculos/personajes/Gary-Dourdan-actor-CSI-Vegas_CLAIMA20121114_0211_24.jpgU.S. actor Gary Dourdan, who played Warrick Brown detective in the U.S. series "CSI Las Vegas" is almost ruined because of his wanderings and his "good relationship" with alcohol and drugs.


Darth Vader could be revived in "Star Wars VII"

Disney is willing to make the seventh episode of "Star Wars" one of the best first episodes of the new trilogy. For that reason it has taken a trump card, though still to be decided, resurrect Darth Vader.


George Clooney could become "Disney kid"

http://estaticos.elperiodico.com/resources/jpg/3/9/1352732654693.jpgU.S. actor George Clooney is in talks with the Disney factory to participate in a film that seems to have sci-fi themes. With this contract, Clooney could complete the cast of the film. 


Guillermo del Toro is preparing a dark "Pinocchio"

http://ocio.lne.es/img_contenido/noticias/2012/11/133129/2012_11_09_IMG_2012_11_09_223A253A28_toroefe__318x216.jpgMexican director Guillermo del Toro is ready to shoot one of the classic children's film, "Pinocchio". But this may not be typical Disney film, the director thinks the original story and show cruel puppet created by writer Carlo Collodi.


Robert Pattinson wants to direct sex scenes

http://uniradioserver.com/media/news_thumbs/201211/201211091030Robert-Pattinson.jpgRobert Pattinson is looking forward to the filming of the sixth of the series "Twilight". So much so that he has in mind some ideas to discuss with the director of the film, he wants to direct the sex scenes.


Lady Gaga donates one million dollars to the victims of Hurricane Sandy

http://images.lainformacion.com/cms/lady-gaga-donara-un-millon-de-dolares-para-victimas-de-sandy-en-nueva-york/2012_11_8_z8B9P2ZzzmiHLzERoHXYM4.jpg?width=479&height=359&type=height&id=VbsMLrX2RkidkACkadgEg6&time=1352360164&project=lainformacionLady Gaga again proves that not only can sing and do all her fans crazy wherever she performs a concert, but also promises to help the person who needs it. Mother Monster has been placed at the foot of New York to give a hearty support.


The sequel of "Top Gun" practically canceled

http://www.abc.es/Media/201109/13/top-gun--644x362.jpgThe tragic death of film director Tony Scott on August 19 of this year rocked the idea that a sequel would be filmed for the movie "Top Gun" after he agreed to do it. Today the cancellation of the project is closer than ever.


Harrison Ford wants to resurrect Han Solo

Harrison Ford, The reporter, Star Wars, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han SoloHarrison Ford is one of those actors who want to return to the place of his birth, as an actor. For that reason he wants to return to space and once again get into the character that made him famous in the movie "Star Wars", the captain of the Millennium Falcon, Han Solo.


Hollywood is planning a sequel to "Casablanca"

It's been 70 years since Rick (Humphrey Bogart) say goodbye to Ilsa (Ingrid Bergman) and her boarding a plane to the United States, which seemed a definitive end to one of the best films in the history of cinema, "Casablanca". But according to rumors, that plane has a return ticket.


Justin Bieber wants to be a big movie star

http://www.ahlanlive.com/incoming/article206311.ece/ALTERNATES/gh2l/Justin+BieberJustin Bieber wants to expand horizons. Besides being a singer with numerous hits and mass youth idol, Justin wants to become an actor, not any actor but a great movie star.


Bruce Springsteen and Bon Jovi will participate in a benefit concert for Hurricane Sandy

Every time there is a disaster, especially of natural character, everyone joins to help each other. This time, American artists come together for a good cause, raising money for storm victims Sandy that struck the east coast of the United States.