Metallica resurrects the cassette reissuing their first demo

metallica, trash metal, music, USA, No Life 'til leather
Members of the band Metallica back to their origins. So seriously they have taken that the reissue of their first demo will be released on cassette. Something that seemed forgotten and, if all goes well, may be the return of an old friend who has been with us for many years.


Muse revealed the title of their new album, "Drones"

muse, rock, drones
Muse, the English alternative rock band, after getting our curiosity was rising, uploading different photos and videos to social networks, has unveiled what will be the title of his new album, "Drones".


Mark Ronson dedicated to Amy Winehouse new album "Uptown Special"

mark ronson, uptowm funk, uptown special, musicMark Ronson has wanted having a grand gesture toward the ill-fated British singer and muse, Amy Winehouse, dedicating his new album "Uptown Special". An album which involved artists such as Bruno Mars or Steve Wonder.