Year Four after Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, King of Pop, music, United StatesJune 25, 2009, singer Michael Jackson died following a cardiac arrest. The world froze. The disbelief of his fans was visible in all parts of the world. King of Pop died, the legend was born.


Happy 35th anniversary, Garfield!

Garfield, cat, cartoon, Jim DavisThe most famous and laziest cat of the history of cinema and television, Garfield, turns 35. Jim Davis, the creator, as every year on that date, publishes a cartoon strip in which celebrates the birthday of his beloved and famous cat.


How would sound "Get Lucky" through the history of twentieth century music?

Daft Punk, Get Lucky, music, house music, houseIf we have ever wondered how our favorite song would have sounded in a given year in the history of twentieth century music, but we have never dared to do it, now is the time to get to one of the most played song in this year 2013, "Get Lucky" by group Daft Punk.


Chewbacca, arrested for carrying a lightsaber

Chewbacca, Peter Nayhew, Star Wars, movies, cinema, HollywoodThe actor who played furry character Chewbacca in Star Wars, was arrested by members of the Denver airport security (United States). The only reason: he carried a stick-shaped lightsaber.


One Direction present their perfume Our ​​Moment

One Direction, music, perfume, Our Moment, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, fragranceThe guys from One Direction have unveiled a new product, another more of all the ones they have on the market. The fragrance, a personalized perfume is called Our Moment. The faces of the five guys appear in the box. In order not to forget them.


Kenny Chesney will have a very busy summer

Kenny Chesney, United States, music, country musicThe American country music singer Kenny Chesney has put boots and cowboy hat to guard against a summer of concerts in which one he will not have any break, in order to continue pleasing his fans.


Paris Jackson hospitalized for attempted suicide

Paris Jackson, Michael Jackson, musicMichael Jackson's daughter, Paris Jackson, 15, has been hospitalized since early Wednesday in a hospital in California after her mother called to the ER after the attempted suicide of the girl.


Penelope Cruz could be the next "Bond girl"

Penelope Cruz, James Bond, cinema, Spain, actressMovements begin to look for actresses and actors to complete the list of artists that will appear in the next James Bond film. One of the candidates to win the coveted title as the "Bond girl" is actress Penelope Cruz.