Warner Bros. prepares the return of "The Jungle Book"

http://globedia.com/imagenes/noticias/2012/4/30/libro-selva-regresa-cine_1_1195417.jpgWarner Bros. movie studios plan to return to film "The Jungle Book" in a version with actors of flesh and blood, said today the online edition of Variety magazine. Project are already in negotiations to direct and produce the new project to the big screen.


In project a film of "Zip & Zap"

http://clasicosdelhumor.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/22zyz3.jpg?w=455The twins most famous Spanish comics of all time, Zip & Zap again have a movie on the big screen. In collaboration with Antena 3 Films, will be realized the second film in this two naughty children who revolutionized the comics, film and television.


Offer to Colin Farrell the title role in "Winter's Tale"

http://www.fondosdepantalla.biz/images/wallpapers/Colin_Farrell-1024x768-610032.jpegStill not finished post-production of the remake of "Total Recall" when the actor Colin Farrell being offered another role in the first draft of screenwriter, producer and now director Akiva Goldsman. Nothing less than the lead of the film.


Christina Ricci is an evil Smurf in "Smurfs 2"

http://imstars.aufeminin.com/stars/fan/christina-ricci/christina-ricci-20060422-124070.jpgThe small blue characters with high-pitched voice will have a new companion between their friends, actress Christina Ricci, who thus becomes another Smurfette but in this case, it is an evil smurf will make life miserable for the Smurfs in the second feature of these adorable friends.


Rocco Siffredi wants to direct the biopic on Silvio Berlusconi

http://cdn.revistavanityfair.es/uploads/images/thumbs/201104/rocco_siffredi__actor_porno_4774_360x270.jpgSurprises come life and this is one of them. Former porn star Rocco Siffredi wants to take the direction to film a biopic of former Italian President Silvio Berlusconi. Although nothing in particular but the kid is very excited to realize this project. Only remains to know which tell their own self biography.


Jaden Smith will star in the series "Boy nobody"

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-WeE5D-OVLZQ/TyRqQrxKF4I/AAAAAAAACqk/3DcB1c136Bk/s1600/jadensmith.pngJaden Smith, who all know as the son of Will Smith and have played the main character, Daniel Larusso, from the movie "Karate Kid" will star in the first film of a trilogy entitled "Nobody Boy" based on the history of the novel juvenile Allen Zadoff.


Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem together in "The Counselor"

Birds of a feather flock together. Both the two Spanish actors, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem, have been living, living and working together for a long time. Now, once again join forces and talents of actors embodied and Oscar winners to participate in the film "The Counselor" by Ridley Scott.


Anthony Hopkins is ... ¡Alfred Hitchcock!

http://dvocion.diariovasco.com/cine/fotos/anthony-hopkins.jpgThe biopic or films about the life and miracles of characters have become fashionable, and this time is Alfred Hitchcock's next on the list to play most of his life on the big screen. Because unfortunately, Hitchcock is no longer among us will be the actor Anthony Hopkins who is reincarnated in the British director.


Christina Aguilera despises Justin Bieber in "The Voice"

The New York singer Christina Aguilera returns to make disposition of his little and almost no education to make a real disdain, in live, singer Justin Bieber in the American program "The Voice". Something that has not liked anything to the fans of Canadian singer.


London 2012 tried to hire Keith Moon, drummer of The Who died in 1978

The Olympic Games or the Olympics are often great events of different nature such as the sports, musical or cultural but apparently has not yet created an Olympiad of intelligence or, at least, local general culture. London 2012 promoters are in it after the huge mistake they have made to the closing of the Olympics.


Woody Allen does not convince the Italian journalists

http://cinergetica.com.mx/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/to-rome-with-love.jpgAfter the worldwide presentation of the new Woody Allen film "To Rome with Love", it seems that the Italian media that were at the premiere of the film did not go very convinced by the new work of American director to the point of deception.