Michael Jackson resurrected at 2014 Billboard Awards

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The 2014 Billboard Awards had been a surprise out of the blue, but we all expected this time with big intensive. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has "risen" through technology in a 3D image.

On the third day he rose again. But this time he had to spend five years to see, once again, to Michael Jackson on stage, but this time as a hologram on 2014 Billboard Awards. Expectation was served. On the one hand nervously on the other unbelief and other, strange and interesting feeling. The point is that the King of Pop is back, even for a few minutes, and not without controversy.

The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas was ready for the big event. The whole crowd was anxious and not knowing what is going to happen. Eight soldiers go out to the stage. Are placed in position before the curtain rises and emerges from the darkness a world seems like the album "Dangerous". The first bars of "Slave To The Rhythm", unreleased track that was released a few days ago in the second posthumous album "Xscape". Michael Jackson is seated on a throne informally and with a physical resemblance to the same album. The rest of the performance, is a coming and going of all dancers and Michael singing and dancing on stage.

Maybe people expected more, but there were a lot of applause and people stood up in the Arena at the end of the performance. But really, Michael Jackson was not the person that we are all used to seeing in their videos. Of course he was a hologram, we can not say anything. But we did not see the same effect as with the deceased rapper Tupac. In this perfomance, we could see the person itself, and not some kind of a expressionless character in a computer game. Although, as has been said BillBoard Magazine, has been the result of a year of planning. In them the development of choreography, the Talauega brothers (who worked with him on the HIStory tour in 1997) and Jamie King (who directed the Cirque du Soleil show inspired by Michael Jackson), several filming sessions and development include technology until then nonexistent.

Without wishing to discourage filmmakers and image creators of Michael Jackson, they have time to create a better hologram based on his actual image. This way they could get better results and, who knows, maybe they can get to create these great music videos to which we both got used the King of Pop in life.

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