Ten years of Ibiza Global Radio

ibiza global radio, ibiza, radio, electronic musicOn Tuesday June 10 the island of Ibiza is decked. Ibiza Global Radio, the flagship for excellence in dance music in Ibiza, celebrate ten years old. And is that as things stand today, it is not easy to get to meet a decade of history in radio waves.

For this reason, Ibiza Global Radio will pull out all the stops. The radio station will celebrate in style and with the participation of all professionals who make it possible for this station has become not only a reference in Spain of electronic music, but also at European and world level.

ibiza global radio, ibiza, radio, ten years, space ibizaTo accompany this great party, Ibiza Global Radio have a very good place of ceremonies. Space Ibiza nightclub opens on Tuesday, June 10th starting at 6 pm and until 12 pm, at Sunset Terrace, and from midnight to 6 am on the inside. Twelve hours of uninterrupted good party, feeling and madness.

In addition to the speakers and DJs from Ibiza Global Radio, Anna Tur, David Moreno, Toni Moreno, Jose Maria Ramon, Eva Pacific Garji Miguel, Daniel Peñacoba and many others; they have the collaboration of Soul Clap Lonely C, Oxia, Silicone Soul, Tone of the Arc, Hofer 66, Delizeews and Izan Hesse, among other artists.

For everybody who live in Ibiza and they are willing to spend a very good time, for people who are on vacation around the island or everybody who want to flight and commit the folly of going to celebrate with them, they have two ways to do it. If there is time, you can book in a list, which is free from 6 am to 10 pm by calling Ibiza Global Radio, 971 19 09 79. For people who do not can, you can buy the ticket on the web Ibiza Global Radio or Space Ibiza disco website. 

ibiza global radio, barcelona, radio, ten years, sala bloc barcelonaIf you can not go to Ibiza because it is away, because you do not have time or for a thousand stories, do not worry. Ibiza Global Radio has thought of everything and Friday June 13th, nothing to be superstitious, the radio station moved to Barcelona, ​tat Sala Bloc Barcelona to celebrate with listeners from all over Spain. From 11:30 pm to 6 am, David Moreno, Toni Moreno Anna Tur will include the participation of Ismael Rivas & Bias (Factomania), Andre Butano & Miguel Lobo, Danny Serrano, Pele & Shawnecy and Pornbugs & Dansir. To attend the party in Barcelona, there is more to enter the website of the Sala Bloc Barcelona and buy your tickets before they run out.

But there is always someone who can not go to a party. No problem. Ibiza Global Radio thinks of everything and everyone. The party will be broadcast through www.ibizaglobalradio.com and viewable with special video streaming you may be able to not only hear, but also see it through streamkore.com. The website where if you want to celebrate a big event like this, and your friends want to see it, you just have to call them, find the best price and your party will be visible to everyone.

And if you do not know what is Ibiza Global Radio, you can not imagine what you are missing. Come in at www.ibizaglobalradio.com and enjoy the best electronic music of Ibiza and the world.

Ibiza Global Radio ten years of non stop amazing Electronic Music.


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