The Show Must Go On Blog - Deep House Session

deep house, electronic music, disco
This attempt to Deep House music session is a small gift and a test I do in thanks to all who pass by my blog and you spend a small part of your time reading it. Thanks for being there.

It's always good to thank the efforts of many people to do something and I could not be less. After a time writing my blog, it is well deserved to give thanks to all that every day you read the post I put into my blog. I wish I had more time to do it daily, but it is something that is now not possible for other matters.

Although I am not an expert on the subject, I wanted to try to make one of my dreams, to be a DJ for a day. I love music, that's obvious, I like to mix some songs occasionally in home, and I've always had that curiosity inside of me of wanting to enjoy it privately. Today I make an effort for that to be possible.

You can criticize what all that you want, especially who are dedicated to this professionally and do that we enjoy in a disco or on a dancefloor. Do not mean to take away your job, you can rest assured it, I'm not good in this. Only that if you do any criticism that be constructively and not destructively, it's the thought that counts, I think. I hope you like it.

Thank you very much for your company and I hope to keep in touch with you.

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