Steven Spielberg may direct the biopic about Moses "Gods and Kings"

http://rinconcinematico.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/steven-spielberg.jpg?w=300&h=229They are still rumors, but Warner Bros. may be tied up and neatly tied in a short amount of time a contract with one of the best filmmakers to film the biography of the biblical character of Moses.

In September 2011, made ​​known that among the candidates to direct biopic of Moses was Steven Spielberg and is the name that sounds today more strongly than ever to get back the cap to make a film director and fully different from what has been, until now, the Biblical character.

The title, provisional, in the film "Gods and Kings".

Warner Bros. was planning to adapt the story of the man who freed the Jews from slavery in ancient times with a similar style to the film "Braveheart" but, wanting to go even further from the fact that the director would want to give him the touch of realism that we saw in the war movie of "Saving Private Ryan".

http://www.somoscine.com/panama/cache/com_zoo/images/steven_spielberg-warner_4618e2cf2d2de955eacfd65bfe43e4ac.jpgHollywood studios have also has an ace up his sleeve as the fervor that has Spielberg Jewish history waiting to be sufficient incentive for the director to put all eggs in one basket.

The writer Stuart Hazeldine ("Paradise Lost") and Michael Green ("Green Lantern") are responsible for shaping to the last detail, the script that Spielberg received and read in the summer of last year and that's what I got it entered into negotiations with Warner Bros.

The movie will not be a remake of "The Ten Commandments" held in 1956 having a starring Charlton Heston impersonating Moses in all its splendor, but based on the book of Exodus and in various texts of the Old Testament. "It will be the story of a real warrior", say from the producer.

Spielberg has a tight schedule and that is why Warner Bros. would begin production of the film in March or April 2013 so you would have enough time, the director, to close all projects that still have running.

Now the question that everybody does is, Who is the actor who plays the warrior, biblical hero? Place your bets.   

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