Anonymous continues his revenge without rest

http://www.periodistadigital.com/imagenes/2012/01/19/megaupload.jpgAfter a very lively night in regard to cyber attacks to different record companies and websites of state agencies of the United States, Anonymous is at war in what is the biggest attack in the history of internet and computer in general.

Throughout the night various "anonymous" have threatened many of the sites on the audiovisual market and copyright and in different sites on the government of the United States.

This was seen in the first hour news broke that the FBI had arrested the members of the company Megaupload and closing thereof, in an attack at first shy about web bastatne Universal Music. After a few minutes the following website attacked was that of the Warner Music Group which also ended up lying and no activity by members of Anonymous. Another objective was the site of Sony Music.

One after another they fell without mercy after the attacks of several thousand people who were bombed again and again each web that Anonymous was announcing the Twitter social network to the point of reaching 15,000 simultaneous connections count per second the website of the White House, which was also direct target of revenge.

One of the web that cost but ultimately topple him and just got into the night, was the FBI website that began with a slowdown in activity in its inside pages to the point of not being able to enter them and nothing else to see the home page.

http://asset3.cbsistatic.com/cnwk.1d/i/tim/2012/01/19/HistoricAttack_610x681.jpgSo, as you can see from the chart, the highest activity and attack were to websites and companies located in the eastern part of the United States but to a greater or lesser extent were attacked sites located throughout the U.S., and also in Europe especially in the East where they are staying a lot of websites in different fields.

The FBI also announced after the attack to begin at the point which is looking at sites such as Rapidshare, Series Yonki and Películas Yonki so angered users and that the attack was even greater.

Under the phrase and slogan contest "A new era has come to" expect what may be the Cyber ​​War history or have already christened with the acronym by which any website begins, changing the meaning of same, WWW (World War Web).

Other phrases are broadcast on Twitter: "We are anonymous we are legion, do not forgive, never forget, expect us."

Anonymous broadcasts a statement after the operation in which Megaupload begins: "We are launching our biggest Anonymous attack on government websites and the entertainment industry. Did the FBI thought he was going out with yours? ". Finish the statement announcing his accomplishments: "The following sites are out of service in response to the untimely closure Megaupload: justice.gov, universalmusic.com, riaa.org, mpaa.org, copyright.gov, hadopi.fr, wmg.com , usdoj.gov, bmi.com and fbi.gov. "

A few minutes ago Anonymous has posted another message on the Twitter social network in which he says have blocked web shopping company Warner Brothers. That, after having given very politely said good morning to anyone who is reading the messages.

Remember that all this, plus the closure of Megaupload and companies related to it, is why the United States government wants to pass a law similar to Sinde Law in Spain to ban, stop and close the whole website that is related to the illegal distribution of audiovisual products copyrighted, and that will be debated on 24 January to be confirmed.

To make a bit of memory say that the Stop Online Piracy Act (Act ceases to online piracy) also known as SOPA Act ​​or Law HR 3261, a bill introduced in the House of Representatives of the United States on October 26, 2011 by Rep. Lamar S. Smith and a group of bipartisan cosponsors initially formed by 12 members. The bill extends the powers of the Department of Justice of the United States and extends the capabilities of intellectual property rights owners to combat online traffic content and products protected either by copyright or intellectual property. Among these can have music or songs, movies, books, artistic works and counterfeit products copied or related fees are not taxed to the owners of their rights of authorship or invention.

In case you want to inform you of what the companies, firms and associations in favor of this law can read the following PDF http://judiciary.house.gov/issues/Rogue%20Websites/SOPA% 20Supporters.pdf

So far it has only been a beginning of what may be an even greater war in the middle and Internet world. A legion of computers and an array of bombings at sites of all kinds that can neutralize and take down any site, regardless of scope, from anywhere in the world.

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