Bruno Mars yields to "Ai si eu te pego"

http://bloguit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/bruno-mars-.jpgIt is not the first nor the last artist just singing a popular song at their concerts and Bruno Mars one would expect to please all his fans. In the midst of a concert and a song is what he did.
Although it has only been singing the chorus, sung in English, guitar in hand Bruno Mars in concert at the Summer Soul Festival in Rio de Janeiro, interrupted the song "The lazy song" to the delight of those present to sing with him when he began to sounding chords for the song "Ai si eu te pego" in English entitled "If I catch you".
At that time the mass began to sing mad so he stopped before leaving evidence that the public do the rest while he enjoyed and laughed at what he had achieved. It was not much but enough to make it a special story on the concert seemed to be in your special moment to follow, then, singing "The lazy song" to the end.
Not for the first time the song "Ai si eu te pego" originally sung by Michel Teló is interpreted by different artists. The most recent was the dance music singer Inna, which has wanted to follow from the success of this song making it more danceable for the clubs.

For somebody, this song has become a hymn is heard everywhere and for others has become a weapon of mass destruction to the ears, so repeating the refrain that the burden can be up.
And since a picture is worth than thousand words you can see the "intense moment" in the concert of Bruno Mars. Judge for yourselves if you had come to the crazy listening to by him or by another artist at a concert.

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