The little sister of the Olsen sisters triumphs in film

http://i2.cdnds.net/11/43/M/movies_hollywood_brightest_under_25s_6.jpgNot everything is bad between the sisters Olsen. The younger sister Elizabeth Olsen, besides being totally diferntes his older twin sisters, has become a great actress in which he has been involved recently in the movie "Martha Marcy May Marlene".
When we hear talk about the Olsen sisters always think the worst two actresses who ever lived, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, knowing that all they did was when he starred in good, with some babies, the number of "Full house" as much had no say in the script and, as far as it goes, the babies were to our liking.
Very little we knew of a third sister, the youngest of three, her name Elizabeth. No one knew why she decided to live a life different from her sisters who had been staying in the shadow of these two and devoted himself to the interpretation in the theater in a slightly more anonymous.

To learn more of her, Elizabeth played small roles as a child and made occasional interpretations in films of his sisters Olsen twins, but she preferred to be professionally trained in the best academies of performing arts. He studied at the Atlantic Theater Company in New York and also trained for six months at the Moscow Art Theatre School's Russia, where he learned the Stanislavski method and fighting techniques and acrobatics.
But every actor or actress, no matter how small, always has the curiosity of wanting to do a little interpretation or a role in a movie and this is what happened to her even though he had participated in any interpretation of herself and other characters in other films and more recently between 2010 and 2011.
http://static-smoda.elpais.com/uploads/images/thumbs/201202/elizabeth_olsen_1102_635x.jpgNow, Elizabeth, appears on "Martha Marcy May Marlene", directed by Sean Durkin alongside Brady Corbet, Hugh Dancy, John Hawkes, Sarah Paulson, Julia Garner, Louisa Krause and Christopher Abbott. The film also is nominated for an Oscar and which will premiere in Spain on 24 February. 
In the new film, Elizabeth plays Martha, a young woman who suffers a mental disorder amid withering of his attempt to regain a normal life after escaping from a cult and its charismatic leader. It seeks to help her older sister Lucy, who was only the contact, and his brother, but Martha does not have sufficient ability and willingness to reveal the truth about his disappearance. When trigger memories creepy paranoia of his former sect may still be stalking her, the line between illusion and reality starts to blur her.
Elizabeth says of his character: "I have no experience of anything that goes on in this movie but I had a lot of empathy for her and I really loved the fact that she wasn't just a victim. Or I believe that she shouldn't be a victim, I'm sure there is a way to play her as a victim but I didn't want to."

Referring to herself she explains: "It's interesting to watch myself with an audience, I'm trying hard to learn from it, (...) That's my goal right now: to figure out how I can learn from it and figure out how much of what I think I'm doing is actually being captured"."I'm treating it as a learning experience right now, I might change my mind in six months, but right now I try and learn from that."
With this films, Elizabeth has participated in three films between 2010 and 2011. His role in the horror film "Silent House" directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, in "Red Lights", whose director is Rodrigo Cortes, which act opposite Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver; and the drama "Liberal Arts" by Josh Radnor, which shares the spotlight with Zac Efron.

http://mundo.es/files/2011/12/Elizabeth-Olsen-400x300.jpgFor this year and has another proposal in a thriller that will star Daniel Radcliffe in "Kill your darlings".
Written and directed by John Krokos novel, the movie is set in New York for 40 years and will focus on the complicated relationship between Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac (played by Jack Huston) and Lucien Carr (Ben Whishaw), all caught in a plot based on real events. This is the crime that was committed at the University of Columbia in 1944.
Filming will begin next March without knowing the release date, but seems to indicate that it will be over 2013.
A young actress far from the stereotype of their sisters in the world of television and celebrity and hopefully does not become one more copy of the twins, but Elizabeth is his sister and take good care, and end up becoming a great actress, as well as what is showing, leaving critics with his mouth open.

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