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The Grammy Awards will resuscitate to the Beatles

grammy awards, musicPaul McCartney and Ringo Starr will perform together on 26th January, during the ceremony of the 2014 Grammy Awards in Los Angeles where they will also receive the Grammy Honor for all the musical career of the British group The Beatles. Never too late to receive this award.


"Love Me Do", the first single from The Beatles, turns 50 has been 50 years since four very young boys entered a recording studio in the city of Liverpool, stood before a microphone and recorded their "second" song titled "Love Me Do" which over time has become in one of the essential Beatles.


Paul McCartney, awarded of the Legion of Honor of France

"Sir" Paul McCartney returns to be awarded this time by the French government with the medal of the Legion of Honor of the French nation. The services of the French Ministry have commented, as reasons to give the musician the distinction, his "work" and "commitment" in the defense of the environment.


London silences Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney organizers of the "Hard Rock Calling" organized in Hyde Park in London, do not let her finish the Bruce Springsteen concert because it had exceeded half hour of the scheduled time, so those present could not enjoy the end of the party as the Boss ended the concert playing and singing with former Beatles Paul McCartney.


"Yesterday" was born in the toilet, according to a former companion of The Beatles better-known legendary Beatles ballad "Yesterday", could be developed in a toilet by singer and bass player Paul McCartney has told DPA as a former fellow of the British group from Liverpool.