Justin Bieber plays at being solidary on Facebook

http://www.justinbieberzone.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/justinbieberplayingwetopiagames-500x335.jpgFans of Canadian singer Justin Bieber are in luck, even if necessary, why all the fans of the singer will play with him through the social networking site Facebook while helping needy children around the world.

Not only does this guy have crazy fans all over half the world in every show you do or each TV program in which you do an interview. Besides singing and be waiting for his first film, but has acted in some television series Justin Bieber is solidary.

And besides being a fan of social networks, Justin interacts with his followers through, especially, Twitter. But this time is the social network Facebook who will be honored to have the teen idol to play with them all for a solidarity

The game is called "WeTopia" and is to build your own people helped by your friends where you earn money called "joy" that will be used for humanitarian work in real life, as published by the American blogger Perez Hilton. We know there are similar games but in this network, namely, they are so involved in good causes. 

The singer works in this way involved with this cause through their own personal page on Facebook at this game solidarity whose benefits will go entirely to NGOs focused on helping children. Something very necessary these days especially for children who need more support than ever to live, grow and be the future of this world. 

Justin has posted a video on their website which explains the work being done by the NGOs Agenor in an orphanage in Haiti with money derived from said game: 440,704 hot meals, 1.7 million liters of drinking water, 2,149 pairs of shoes and 3,268 coats are some examples of this support material to be a virtual assistance ends up being something real and feasible. 

Once again the image of a being famously known worldwide and solidarity combine to become aid for the needy of the world. Some famous older should take example and help a good cause to be profitable in spirit to some and profitable life for others. It is emphasized that there are a few that do help those most in need of solidarity with their actions or their manifestations. So we know is the case of George Clooney who was arrested with his father at the Sudanese Embassy protesting this situation of that country.

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