The great movie about Bob Marley

http://static2.plasticosydecibelios.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Marley-doc.jpegBob Marley's family has announced the first authorized documentary about the singer. This documentary can watch in cinemas this month of April (to Spain come later). Magnolia Pictures has teamed up with VH1 for this documentary to be directed by Kevin McDonald.

At last, a documentary interesting, accurate and entertaining on the huge figure of Bob Marley, perhaps the most universal icon.

"Marley" is the first official autobiography and tell the life of Bob Marley, musician, political activist and father.

The movie "Marley" is an accurate reflection of Jamaica, the music of great genius and vitality film's director, Kevin Macdonald, the director did that for me and a minor masterpiece with The Last King of Scotland, when Forest Whitaker won the Oscar.

Kevin Macdonald always liked the exotic warm countries. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter says that intengró perfectly into the world of what Jamaica. And he had good vibes with the Marley family. especially with Ziggy and Rita.

But it's certain that without the intervention of Chris Blackwell, founder of Island old and who became known to Bob Marley around the world, Kevin McDonald never could have done this long movie, dense and very entertaining. Wonderful if you like reggae. The film lasts 144 minutes. And do not miss it.

Kevin Macdonald notes that even got into that of ganja, the kaya, of Jamaican marijuana. But as much were to take the next day, I could not shoot. It is very strong.

Macdonald said that he now knows the reason why neither Martin Scorsese nor Jonatham Demme could make the film he has made Marley. The key is Chris Blackwell and his friendship with the family.   


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