James Avery, Uncle Phil from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" dies at 68

James Avery, uncle Phil, Fresh Prince, cinema, film, television
The year 2014 could not be worse way to start in the world of film and television. The actor who played Uncle Phil in "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" has died in the night of January 1, 2014, at a hospital in Los Angeles due to illness which not been revealed.

We could hardly taste the early hours of 2014 and we have the first bad news of the year. As confirmed by several media outlets, including TMZ entertainment website, James Avery, the always upset and cranky uncle Philips Banks in the legendary TV series "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air", has died at age 68 without knowing exactly what has been the result of this fateful news.

It has also confirmed one of the actors in the series, Alfonso Ribeiro, who was the son of Phil, Carlton Banks, and cousin of Will Smith in fiction, in his Twitter account. So far, no other actor of the series has pronounced on the death of James Avery. 

The actor had surgery open heart for an undisclosed illness. Unfortunately, the situation was not at best, even more, his health complicated after this intervention. Hence, the circumstances take a turn for the worse in the afternoon of December 31, 2013

James Avery, uncle Phil, Fresh Prince, cinema, film, television
During all this time that James Avery was hospitalized for this surgery, his wife Barbara was always at his side. Circumstances of life, at that time his wife went down to eat something, when she returned learned of the death of actor.

Messages of condolences, wonder and sadness are beginning to flood the social network Twitter, where fans of the TV show actor remember him with pictures and in the most special and more comical moments in "The Fresh Prince of Bel -Air "

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