Miley Cyrus self-indulge in the teaser of her new single Adore You

Miley Cyrus, adore you, bangerz
If we believed that during this Christmas Miley Cyrus going to have a family and very quiet holidays, we were wrong squarely. This has been demonstrated in a small video in which she is seen in underwear and under a sheet. Her face says it all.

Miley Cyrus, the former Disney girl, even if you can follow holding that personal title, just send via Instagram, as an early Christmas present, a surprise in the form of teaser where we can see at this good girl delivering her in body and soul, but rather in the body, what will be the video for her new single "Adore you" from the album "Bangerz".

Miley Cyrus, adore you, bangerzIn black and white video, we intuit that without makeup, under a white sheet, dressed only in underwear, with background music of her new single, but you can hardly hear, Miley Cyrus appears inviting with her gaze to penetrate us inside her new sexual world. That's what seems to indicate the two teasers of which only run for 5 seconds each, and where she leaves us fly with our imagination.

And after of taking a walk all nude on a large metal ball on the video single "Wreckling Ball", which has been critical of all kinds and even parodies each more crazy and hilarious, Miley Cyrus wants to continue to care for us and she wishing us a happy and warm Christmas. Rather, very very hot holydays, because in one of the teasers you can see the right hand of the singer and then her left hand, going into the most intimate part of her.

Is the video will become new controversy for the artist? Parodies of this new single will be created? The answer will be from next December 26, the day when the single be released. Come on, the girl want to let us with the plot after posting messages in her Twitter account. One of the messages that will make that her fans go eating nails is the message "new single & video coming soon. #adoreyou".

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