Tina Turner and splendid 72 years

http://www.malditoinsolente.com/imagenes/musica/t/tina-turner-007.jpgIf you had to sing "Happy Birthday" in the same way as Tina Turner moved through the stages, more than one would be exhausted just start singing the first phrase of the song.

The American singer is the not inconsiderable age of 72 wonderful years, having spent the time, she seems  like 50. And is that still remains the envy of many singers of her gender and age by the time seems to be stuck.

On November 26, 1939 in Nutbush, Tennessee, United States, was born Anna Mae Bullock. By this name may sound like a Chinese and not even matter much. But if you talk to on this date and this place was born U.S. singer Tina Turner and many may be familiar with otherwise.

Singer, songwriter, dancer and actress, this woman's career where is insatiable, considered the "Queen of Rock" par excellence and also the interpreter of soul and R & B history's most dynamic, extends for more than fifty years and is considered one of the legends of Rock.

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_godNUAqjdfE/SQDja2PaLXI/AAAAAAAAAes/Tsuj9icm2Ps/s1600/Tina+turner+con+Ike.jpgThe artist began to become known in the late 50's as part of the duo Ike & Tina Turner Revue was next to her husband Ike Turner. Previously performed at small cafes and nightclubs. In one of his performances at the Imperial Club met the musician Ike Turner. At just 18 he joined the band Ike Turner and His Kings of Rhythm for the purpose of participating in the chorus.

In 1960 they released their first single "A Fool In Love", which was hit in the U.S. and European markets. For a long time was at the top of the list of genres R & B and Pop Ike changed the name to Anna Mae Bullock by Tina Turner and his band by Ike & Tina Turner.

The duo's biggest hit came in 1971 when they adapted the song "Proud Mary" originally from the band Creedence Clearwater Revival reaching number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in March of that year. For this new version of the song won a Grammy for "Best Performance by a Duo or Group of R & B". After that success would not last much longer and years later would be separated as a group and as a result of marriage to Ike Turner would become increasingly more aggressive especially in the emotional level.

http://www.ritmic.com/music/img/es/Gal_TinaTurner.jpgDuring the 70's Tina music was not very successful but continued his solo career. In 1975 Tina starred in "Tommy", the film of the band The Who, in the role of Acid Queen, and recorded the album "Acid Queen", with very little luck. The same happened with his next work, Rough in 1979.

Came the 80's and was the absolute change and the rebirth of an artist who deserved to be on the top of the charts. Important was the year 1982 with the success of the album "Let's dance" produced with the support of David Bowie which meant the return, in style, the singer.

 In 1983 he was hired by Capitol Records label. Her first single was a cover of singer Al Green on "Let's Stay Together" which was successful in steadily entering the charts in 1984. His second single, included on the album "Private Dancer" was titled "What's love got to do with it" remained three weeks at number one, becoming one of the biggest hits of the year. The following successes were of the same work muscial "Let's Stay Together," "Better Be Good To Me", his namesake "Private Dancer," "I Can not Stand The Rain" and "Show Some Respect".

In this year 1984 Tina have appeared on the big screen to play a role in the movie "Mad Max II". The single "We Do not Need Another Hero" was included in the soundtrack of the film became another great success.

http://tinaturnerblog.files.wordpress.com/2011/02/tina-turner-emporio-armani-fashion-show-milan-italy-february-26-2011-2.jpgIn February 1985 she made ​​her first world tour as a solo singer, "Private Dancer Tour", with which she visited the principal cities of half the world. Also accepted an invitation from Michael Jackson to collaborate in the recording of the song "We Are The World", along with other great artists in the campaign "USA for Africa"​​.

Tina Turner became a music icon for their spectacular live performances including a huge waste of sensual energy on stage. The diva was also characterized by her powerful voice and quirky outfits.

During the 80's followed by other hits like the abum "Break Every Rule" singles like "Typical Male" in 1986 and "Steamy Windows".

In the decade of the 90 published in 1991, a compilation album, "Simply The Best" which featured the hit of the same title. During this decade, the singer spent doing numerous tours around the world and although his subsequent albums did not have the success of the first, Tina still had the charisma and the power on stage that made an artist out of range.

At this stage include duets with very surprising as it did with the Italian cantente Eros Ramazzotti and the song "Cosa della vita" and Antonio Banderas, although it should go some way to hear the song in "In your wildest dreams" whose song Tina sang at that time with singer Barry White. Also performed the title song with the same name of the movie "Golden Eye" (1995) one of a very long saga of James Bond.

In 2000 at the age of 61 years announced from his home in Zurich (Switzerland), removal of the scenarios but failed definitively to be.

In 2004 published a new compilation entitled "All the Best" which contained, among others, the single "Open Arms" with great success in Europe but not in the United States. A song that does not have any waste that follows the singer's art.

A short period of silence to reappear in 2008, fantastic and amazing at the Grammy Awards offer an energetic live duet with Beyonce singing "Proud Mary" leaving his mouth open to all who were now seeing the great event and a total party atmosphere all at that time were at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

That same year he embarked on his first tour in 8 years "Tina!: 50th Anniversary Tour", about the age of 69 years, ending the tour in mid 2009 and again showing great physical shape and overflowing energy scenarios .

From then until now has been seen at one time or another related to fashion and the occasional charity event with his partner.

It is known that in the 54 th Grammy Awards Tina Turner will enter the Hall of Fame of the U.S. Grammy for his song "What's love got to do with it". In addition, the singer will appear at the gala "Herz für Kinder" in Berlin on December 17 and will be broadcast by German television channel ZDF.

One thing more, Tina Turner holds the Guinness Record of being the only solo filled Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro with more than 180 thousand people in one night. This mark was matched by Paul McCartney in 1990.

"Ladys and gentleman ... Miss Tina Turner. Simply the best"

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