Mourinho "rockstar" of 2011

http://sdpnoticias.com/files/posts/jose_mourinho06_03_2011_10_16_14.jpgWho says that music and sport, in this case football does not go hand in hand? Something like that is what happened this time with the versatile Jose Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid. Not that it has fallen into the world of music but that the magazine "Rolling Stone" named him "rockstar" of the year.

It is not the first time that football and music speak the same language, but there we have the goalkeeper Germain "Mono" Burgos with his hard rock band but now he looks more "hard" body. Diego Armando Maradona singing, if you can call it that, with the duo "Pimpernel" Kun Aguero and even Cristiano Ronaldo himself.

The unique personality of coach Jose Mourinho is known for all over the world and seen by millions of viewers are not lost a game of your favorite team, but what no one could imagine is that a music magazine cover to take out in Portuguese naming it "rockstar of the year."

Not that the magazine has given this title by seeing him play the electric guitar or drums with the same eagerness with which sounds a politician on the campaign trail but, according to the magazine have given the award for "The Machiavellian art rile everyone. that is the science that is a specialist, and much, Jose Mourinho, chosen by ROLLING STONE 'Rockstar of the Year'. his defiant attitude, his controversial message, your intelligence and impertinent, above all, the provocative attitude that shows in the dock and press conferences have been some of the reasons that Mou has finished starring in our latest cover of the year. "

The magazine includes an extensive interview inside which you can read the opinion of some of his colleagues as well as acquaintances, his former colleagues, journalists around him and even his closest friends draw the best profile that has Mourinho made ​​so far. In addition, musicians like Enrique Bunbury, Los Planetas, Sidonie Vetusta Morla or saying about the strengths and weaknesses of Mourinho. 

Say what you will, for better or for worse, they fall well or poorly this character, the charismatic Jose Mourinho continues to talk on and off the football field and even the most musically possible.

Will we see shortly in the climbing press to the table to lay off journalists present here a guitar smashing blows against everything in front of you? Hopefully not engaging in and follow what you love, football.  

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