The miracle of life in Minhaj Gedi Farah

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-yJNrZZHnLco/Tj7FsQLAKMI/AAAAAAAABK0/RtaQ8TaNobY/s1600/Minhaj+Gedi+Farah_weight+of+7.5+pounds.jpgMany of the miracles come through word, others come through actions "divine", others are not and never get to meet others come from the hand of man as humanitarian aid oddly enough these days to live.

And this time the miracle has occurred in a refugee camp in Dabaad, the border between Somalia and Kenya.
Still, one of those many goals to be wandering around that area has been achieved.

About three months ago there was talk, as today, of hunger in the world and more specifically the Horn of Africa and one of the countries hardest hit by famine and war was, and is Somalia. All TVs on the planet showed the world what was happening in a refugee camp where thousands of people trying to survive all the savagery they were suffering. Unfortunately not able to finish with this great problem but gradually they are getting with everyone's help. 

http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cpxGJVNr_RE/TfCZRdpiqEI/AAAAAAAAAQU/1Kp_F68t8Uo/s1600/HAMBRE.jpgThis is the child's case Minhaj Gedi Farah, a Somali child that was just seven months of life came into the arms of her mother Dabaad, one of the refugee camps that the NGO International Rescue Comitee (IRC) has built in this area . The image of a mother destroyed, defeated, with little strength, hungry, he carried in his arms the body of his son, a malnourished baby, bones, carcasses, weighing barely more than 3.2 kilos in weight, with a distorted face, with huge eyes bulging from their sockets watching But without understanding anything of what was happening, went around the world and entered into all television households causing any all kinds of reactions and feelings to anyone who saw the news.


From then until now been three months, Minhaj, that child who was barely a thread of life has become a healthy baby and with all the vitality and energy to live. Today this child lives and living. Today, thanks to humanitarian aid has intensified in spite of the wars in Somalia and natural setbacks that child is no longer the picture of hunger in Somalia to become the image of hope throughout the world. Today that child smile again, has the round face, begins to crawl on the floor of the hospital and babbling sounds of joy, and that look that had lost earlier today faces a better future and where his life changed forever for the better.

Unfortunately, not everything always ends well and millions of children die anywhere in the world without ever having enough medical care, barely able to eat anything, with hundreds of diseases around causing death without a future ahead.

http://www.definicionabc.com/wp-content/uploads/Hambre.jpgHumanitarian aid is necessary and vital for millions of people in Africa and the world can survive and that millions of children can have a better life, adequate food, optimal health, studies could lead them in the not too distant to be great people. All that we can achieve with the help of all if we do our part so that such situations are not repeated.


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