Fashion designer Karl Lagerferd will dress up "poor people"

http://www.terra.com/addon/img/mujer/d691b6karl_lagerfeld_230b.jpgp.jpgIt is no time to go wasting money or go buy expensive whims. We all try to save as much as possible and in a matter of clothes to dress in the fashion of the best looking for the cheapest fashion item but at the same time, seems to be an expensive garment. Although some people not affected by this crisis.

People try to make the most of your ideas as to be always on top of all categories, whatever, and so reach the widest possible audience, especially in fashion. That is what the German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld wants to do to start next year. Dressing up the "poor" to fashion.

The 14 year old boy who emigrated to Paris and at age 22 was awarded a job in the fashion house Pierre Balmain, wants to be early 2012 in the "king of low-cost".

The worker and employee's most famous fashion company Chanel, creator of his own fashion house and perfume and Yves Saint Laurent rival has decided it's time to reach each and every one of mortals, of course feminine.

The "king of fashion" as they call it in his native Germany and other European countries, has decided that from January 25, 2012 be sold by Net-a-porter and from Feb. 28 its website www.karllagerfeld.com 100 items from its collection which approximate price range between 70 and 300 euros. It becomes one of the first attempts to make the brand more "low-cost" of all the major fashion brands.

http://img.blogdeblogs.com/lacosarosa/uploads/2009/05/960915.jpgThus the 'Kaiser' of fashion, its 78 years of age, not only will the larger dressing divas and celebrities such as in the case of Madonna and Kylie Minogue that designed all the costumes for his music tours as well of clothing brands of drinks and ice cream as was the case of Coca-Cola and Magnum but he will approach the youth of today, more specifically the youth aged twenty, in the words of the designer, reflect the sense and taste for modern fashion.

Will this be the start for high-level fashion comes, at last, the common people at affordable prices for a small minority of pockets? Will other brands react to this announcement from one of the great?   

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