A decayed tooth of John Lennon auction for a "arm and a leg"

http://top-people.starmedia.com/tmp/swotti/cacheAM9OBIBSZW5UB24=UGVVCGXLLVBLB3BSZQ==/imgjohn%20lennon4.jpgA decayed tooth that belonged to the component of The Beatles, John Lennon, has just been bought at auction by a Canadian dentist. Tooth will not be able to perform DNA testing as it is in a very fragile but no doubt of its authenticity just as she said the owner of the auction house where it was sold.

With this award, the dentist has decided that he will go to "tour" for the different dental schools for which he will visit.

Since it was known they were going to auction off a tooth of John Lennon around the world has been on the lookout to see and know if someone was going to bid and awarded this "jewel" mouth. And it has. 

The Tooth Fairy usually bring some cash money under the pillow when we drop a tooth and it is placed under it to see if the next day have a successful outcome. That with healthy teeth. But we could not imagine so with less healthy teeth. 

The Canadian dentist Michael Zuk has managed to push and be done with the tooth for the modest price of 19,500 pounds (approximately $ 31,200) at auction organized by the Omega Auction House among other objects. 

http://mexico.cnn.com/media/2011/10/22/esp-john-lennon-diente-muela-beatle.jpgAnd is that the tooth is a tooth that  has its history since John Lennon was a dentist pulled it out late in the second half of the 60's and gave it to Dorothy "Dot" when it Jarlett worked as a housekeeper at his home in Kenwood between 1964 and 1968. As John was so inclined to offer gifts to their loved ones this, being a day of talk in the kitchen with his wife, gave him the tooth and that he was aware that her daughter was a big fan of The Beatles, so I had it as a souvenir yours for good and close relationship that had arisen with the housekeeper between the two over the years, she says the son of "Dot". 

From then until two years ago the tooth has been in the family until the daughter married a Canadian. 

Today, the housekeeper is 90 years, and she decided that the time is right for the tooth is put up for auction because he fears he or she risks being lost forever.  Jarlett Barry, son of Dorothy, tokd that John Lennon gave many gifts to his family in recent years. He prefers to keep a leather briefcase given to him and his mother still keeps a necklace of pearls which the composer gave him when he was in Japan.  

You know, if you want to make famous, do not waste your teeth even if they have a cavity like a horse. If you give in the future may be worth a lot and you can bring happiness to those who, with so much love yours, is the obsequious although they welcome him with disgust. 
Beggars can not be choosers. 

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