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Night of surprises at the Academy Awards 2013

Oscar, Oscars 2013, Hollywood, cinema, film, awardsA look at the most significant and what was not known during the night of the Oscars 2013. Tears, joys, surprises, screams, applause and music, lots of musical performance that had something quietly to emcee Seth MacFarlane and he could not show off everything he wanted with his sense of humor. This is the Oscars Awards 2013.


The traditional lunch for Oscar nominees will meet 160 guests

Oscar, Oscars, Hollywood, cinema, films, nominees, winnersThere is very little for the opening of the ceremony of the Oscars in Hollywood, but first they have to prepare the traditional dinner tables that each year celebrates the Film Academy. This year they have to make room in the hall for 160 guests and nominees for an Oscar.


Samuel L. Jackson does not need to win an Oscar

Samuel L. Jackson, cinema, film, Hollywood, Django unchainedSomeone because they have been nominated for Oscars and others because they have not been, but there's always something to say. In an interview to a British newspaper, Samuel L. Jackson has said that he does not need to be an Oscar winning actor is and to be proud of his career.


Joaquin Phoenix: "The awards are bullshit" Rican actor Joaquin Phoenix, star of one of the films nominated for the Oscar 2013, has again exposing rude and vulgar character in an interview with Interview magazine in which makes it clear that he says goodbye to any prize that everybody can give him in any movie that he plays.


Seth MacFarlane will present the Oscar 2013
The 85th edition of the Oscars in Hollywood are in luck because they have new host gala to present next February 24, 2013 in Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, as reported in a statement the Academy Awards.