How would sound "Get Lucky" through the history of twentieth century music?

Daft Punk, Get Lucky, music, house music, houseIf we have ever wondered how our favorite song would have sounded in a given year in the history of twentieth century music, but we have never dared to do it, now is the time to get to one of the most played song in this year 2013, "Get Lucky" by group Daft Punk.

This curiosity, that not killed the cat, to create and listen how sounds a musical success at different stages of twentieth century music, has been developed by a French musician and producer after making a unique version of the worldwide hit duo electronics, Daft Punk, consisting of French musicians Guy Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

Daft Punk, electronic music, music,
PV Nova, artistic name of musician and blogger, has created thanks to hisextravagant neurons and his magic fingers, something unusual to date with great musical success Daft Punk, "Get Lucky". In just three minutes, the producer invites us to take a tour of the various musical trends of each decade from 1920-2020.

In this imaginary walk for an entire century of music with "Get Lucky", we pass through the jazz, blues, swing, folk, funk, new wave, dance, pop and dubstep. If that was not enough, PV Nova anticipates to 2020, inventing a new style of music, Freestep. In his blog, the musician said that this new trend is "mainstream music that does not yet exist and I offer a preview. I'm in communication with the oracles".

Who knows if the prophets of music have sent a signal to PV Nova, for the artist to go outlining what will be the new music of the 20s. There will be very attentive to his future creative movements, for that none of us catch unawares.

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