Happy 35th anniversary, Garfield!

Garfield, cat, cartoon, Jim DavisThe most famous and laziest cat of the history of cinema and television, Garfield, turns 35. Jim Davis, the creator, as every year on that date, publishes a cartoon strip in which celebrates the birthday of his beloved and famous cat.

The June 19, 1978 the American cartoonist Jim Davis created a comic cartoon chronicling the life of a vague cat, sleepyhead, with little sense of humor, whimsical like no other, lover lasagna and glutton called Garfield. Not that I'm insulting the cat, is that we have seen in all his cartoons. 35 years later, this fat feline remains the same.

It was not the first time Jim Davis created a character for U.S. newspapers. He was already a well known artist at the time. Garfield's predecessor, a mosquito called Gnorm, starred in the comics for five years with great success among readers. But Davis wanted to progress further into the entertainment pages.

Garfield, cat, cartoon, Jim Davis
And so was born Garfield, who was baptized with that name in honor of the artist's grandfather, James Garfield Davis, who was named in honor of U.S. President James A. Garfield. Although the bulky kitty, did not come alone. He brought with him a few characters that continue to delight young and old people. His owner, the quite patient Jon Arbuckle. The kitten Arlene, although Garfield wants a relationship with her, it looks that fails to materialize at all. The cat Neermal, which is the cat of Jon's parents. Pooky, his teddy bear, and Odie, the dog fool Garfield makes a thousand and one jokes without that he inmute. Davis got the first comic strip was published in 41 American newspapers.

Although personality of Garlfield has not changed in all these years, his appearance has been evolving and improving, if I may say so. After the success in newspapers, Garlfield and his gang made ​​the leap to the small screen in 1982, becoming animated series in 1988. But it seems that his physical appearance and his success, the TV became too small.

Garfield, cat, cartoon, Jim DavisIn 2004, the Hollywood film industry noticed the adventures of Garfield. His first film "Garfield: The Movie", which combined cartoons with real life. Its main characters of flesh and blood were veterinarian Liz Wilson, played by Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jon Arbuckle, played by Breckin Meyer. Garfield's voice was by the actor Bill Murray. Two years later came his second film and in 2010 released in 3D "Garfield's Pet Force".

Currently, Garfield appears in more than 2,500 newspapers around the world where a daily strip cartoon publish his adventures, having a range of more than 220 million readers. Jim Davis has dedicated, once again, on his birthday, an anniversary comic cartoon strip.

For many years cantankerous kitty!

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