Riot Cinema Collective publicly humiliates a guy to send his curriculum vitae

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Riot Cinema Collective, a production company responsible for creating movies, ads, designs and other products related to the audiovisual world, and more specifically one of the founders, publicly humiliates a guy who sent his resume to find work in that company.

Today the employment situation in Spain and almost every country in the world is very complicated due to the crisis that is suffering most people and causes people to seek work anything to be able to bring money home.

If we add to this reason that there are companies, of any type, in addition to receiving resumes of candidates for a job, also engage in mock and humiliate the candidates by email and publicly, then we have the ideal company Riot Cinema Collective

Riot Cinema Collective is a production charge, it seems, to create movies, ads, designs and other products related to the audiovisual world. Among this series of "creations" can find the movie "The Cosmonaut" is a Spanish science fiction film directed by Nicolás Alcalá and produced by Carola Rodríguez y Bruno Teixidor.

Riot Cinema, cinema, spanish cinema, producer, Following the story, giving to make a film one day Carlos, a boy like any other who is unemployed and looking for a job offer in internet to post his curriculum vitae, decides to send his letter at this production company well edited and with an outstanding education. So far right as it should be for such matters.

What is the surprise of Carlos, that within hours of sending the email, received a reply from Riot Cinema producer, specifically, what a coincidence! Nicolas Alcala the director of "The Cosmonaut". Financed film that began with "crowdfunding" in January 2009.

And what is the face of astonishment that stays with Carlos when not only is not a message that has been accepted or not accepted your resume but a message is absolutely absurd and mocking everything that Carlos had written. A humiliation which had no limit on the time to do it, it seems, would not have a lot of work and had nothing better to do than laugh at people looking for work and other professional group.

And so the thing does not stay there, the "friend" Nicolás decided to publish the letter in the blog site, in spanish, of the production company making further public humiliation against the boy and, as expected, angering forums and social networks against the producer. Nicholas said to have had some messages of support to the company, which we doubt greatly. By the way, do not worry on finding the related post and mock letter to him and why Carlos has been very smart and fast when you delete the blog. 

However, yes, you can see a public apology, in Spanish, in which Nicholas apologizes to the boy and dumbest excuse he can think of writing, although he says that no excuse is: "I had a very bad day (that's no excuse for anything) and the mail I got on my nerves.".

Riot Cinema, cinema, spanish cinema, producer, To try to square the circle Nicolás Alcalá writes: "Someone said it might have been better to explain to Charles how we think you should send a mail to solicit work and we believe that is absolutely right (...) is simply our humble opinion about the kind of emails that we would like someone who wants to work with us." .

As we can see from the message of apology, have apparently not smart enough to think for themselves, or by himself, Nicolas, to think that their way of acting against Carlos has been absolutely baffling and a lack of respect against him and against this group of "fishmonger" and are appointed, and what appears to be, have jobs in their production. Maybe it's because all they have posted, they "fish" on the fly.

Congratulations by Nicholas, why it is the best way to advertise, especially negative, a company formed by, what a coincidence! again with "The Cosmonaut", three founders: Nicolás Alcalá, Carola Rodriguez and Bruno Teixidor.

To give you an idea of ​​what has been public humiliation to Carlos, as if we were in the Middle Ages, here you can read the boy's letter and the reply of his "funny" cinematic majesty Nicolás Alcalá. This is how Nicolás thanked the financing of productive projects by people like Carlos who try to carve, as can, a better future. Judge for yourselves.

Carlos wrote in spanish:

"Dear / Dear Sir / Madam:

I enclose my resume for your consideration, and I express my interest in participating in the selection processes that require a professional of my characteristics.

I am very interested in working with you. With my training and academic expertise specific trust qualify for the performance of a function in it.

If deemed appropriate, would be happy to provide more details on my resume for an interview with you. You can contact me on the phone (...) by email (...)

Awaiting your
response, Yours sincerely,"

Nicolás Alcalá answer him: 

"Estimated sir/madam/guy/girl who writes a mail generic # 752

First: We are a production company where, if we add up the ages of the three founding partners, we would age you tried to you. But individually we have only a quarter century each and offends us to consider us as slightly higher.  
(In Spanish "you" and "you" look the same but there is a deal colloquial, friends, and other formal to strangers or older people.)

Second: vitae, has accent mark (in spanish and other languages exits accent mark in words)

Third: We appreciate manifest your interest in participating in the selection processes that require a professional of your features. Let's assume that "your characteristics" means that you are either sending a generic mail without even a recipient or reference the name of the company or the specific position you think you're better. All this has made us feel a bit about "anybody", like whores.

It turns out that ours is a media company in which we pride ourselves on treating our customers and viewers face to face. Can you imagine what they would think of us if we sent them an email generic? Without even bothering to look at their names? It would be absurd, ritgh?

For a bit the same. So we have not started well.

Fourth: "With my training and academic expertise trust Qualify for the specific performance of a function in it." What training, Carlos? What academic specialization? What are the requirements? Does the performance of what function? Does the same as? Are we crazy? What smelling clouds? Bal, blah ... Paragraph generic.

If you are not even able to customize 300 emails that you've sent with curriculum, do you think you can trust for more complex tasks? We read your resume, but not like you've read our website and what we do, just come fun things like you've really confused and you're fishmonger.

Fifth: We were more quiet, however, by the fact that we greet carefully. That's something. Maybe someday we can be friends.

Sixth: NO.

PS: If you are a fishmonger, tell us, we have a job for you."

Riot Cinema, cinema, spanish cinema, producer,

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