First official image of Hugh Jackman in the sequel "The Wolverine"

http://www.objetivofamosos.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/04/hugh-jackman-22.jpgThe upcoming 2013 returns to the big screen in Wolverine sequel "The Wolverine". Hugh Jackman reprises the character and give their all, never better, in this film that will not miss sighs and action, lots of action.

The sequel "The Wolverine" is preparing for mid-2013 we can see in theaters the next installment of the superhero. But before all, the producer of the film wants to make us salivate, in this case rather than the possible and probable drooling female public, publishing a photo, fresh out of the oven, the Australian actor Hugh Jackman his role of Wolverine.

A photo of the style that we are used to seeing, with his usual pose of the character, sharp claws and his scowl, well photographed her topless and enseñndo everything that can not be seen under a shirt . We guarantee that you will make the delights of all the fans and followers of the handsome star.

You can go to book appointment at the cardiologist, we are sure that why more than one girl will have occasional heart attack when you see the photograph so illustrious.

Be careful, Wolverine returns!

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