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The music for 2012 (3) 2012 with good intentions and good intentions are always good. If, in addition, these new purposes or projects come from the hand of new musical works of artists already established can be considered good news for the music world and for the fans and followers of these bands and singers.


The music for 2012 (2)
Newly opened in 2012, began to rain the novelties of the new albums by artists who have just started and established artists and a few others return for a long time it was not for them musically. Artists that their work is expected to be equal to or better than the last.


The music for 2012 (1)
For 2012 are expected in the distant events of what is specifically talking about the musical. We will see a Justin Bieber to be 18 years, Britney Spears will marry a third time, this girl will never learn. But that does not matter! What matters really is what we will be able to hear this year durente 2012. And these are some of the innovations that are coming.