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Johnny Depp will play the Hatter again in sequel of "Alice in Wonderland"

Johnny Depp, Pirates of the Caribbean, movies, Hollywood, Alice in Wonderland, cinemaJohnny Depp returns to put his big hat, painting his face and dyeing his hair to appear in the second part of "Alice in Wonderland", but this time not by the hand of his friend and director Tim Burton. Depp will be under direction of James Bobin.


"The Fast & The Furious 7" has new director

James Wan, cinema, Hollywood, Fast and Furious, movie, cars, filmThe seventh installment of "The Fast and The Furious" has a new director. James Wan shall lead to the everlasting stars of the six previous editions, will be released shortly as the sixth film in the series of races.


Guillermo del Toro tabs to Emma Stone for his next film

Guillermo Del Toro, film, Hollywood, film directorGuillermo Del Toro is completing the list of actors who will star in his new horror film "Crimson Peak". Actress Emma Stone becomes the latest recruit with Benedict Cumberbatch and Charlie Hunnam.


Dave Batista joins the "Guardians of the Galaxy"

Dave Bautista, WWF, Marvel, Disney, Guardians of the Galaxy, film, HollywoodFormer professional wrestler wrestling, Dave Bautista, has signed with Disney and Marvel to become one of the stars of the new futuristic superhero movie titled "Guardians of the Galaxy" that will direct James Gunn.


Disney is preparing a new version of "Beauty and the Beast"

Beauty and the Beast, Disney, classic, cartoon, Oscar, film, movie, HollywoodThe Disney factory relocates the look at the classics that has given so much success to the company. This time is the turn for the Oscar-winning movie "Beauty and the Beast" which like the above it will happen from cartoon characters to characters of flesh and blood.


Russell Crowe said he saw a UFO

Russell Crowe, actor, Hollywood, film, cinema, moviesRussell Crowe claims to have photographed a UFO at the time when the actor and his friend were doing some photos from the office to the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney. These photographs have caused a stir among fans of this kind of story and fans of the actor.


Harrison Ford will be in the sequel to "Anchorman"

Harrison Ford, cinema, film, Hollywood, Han Solo, AnchormanActor Harrison Ford joins the sequel to the movie "Anchorman", a comedy centered on the world of television starring Will Ferrell, which interpreted a veteran television presenter.


Quentin Tarantino confirms his "revenge trilogy"

Quentin Tarantino, cinema, film, Hollywood, Django unchained, BaftaHaving won a Bafta at the ceremony celebrated on Sunday February 10 in London, Quentin Tarantino gave us the good news that he had long been suggesting something, confirms the preparation of a third film in his "revenge trilogy".


Bruce Willis trusts in a sixth installment of "Die Hard"

Die Hard, cinema, film, Hollywood, Bruce Willis, John McClaine, action moviesIn an interview with the British broadcaster BBC, Bruce Willis has left the door to a possible sixth installment in the saga of "Die Hard". Apparently the star of the movie does not get tired of getting into trouble wherever he goes.


"The Woman in black", a start in the career of Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe, well-known for having starred in all the series of films J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter Sorcerer's Apprentice, is on tour promoting the film is its maturity with the movie "The Woman in black" and demonstrating to the public that his time with the hat and wand have come to an end.