Disney prepares film of Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil, cartoons, 101 Dalmatians, Disney, Hollywood, Glenn Close
Cruella de Vil returns once again to the big screen in Disney's hand. Although this time she will not with her favorite obsession, those puppies with black and white spots whose only dream is to turn them into a fur coat. The bad Lousy of "101 Dalmatians" will be the undisputed star of this new production.

The news has been published for the entertainment website The Hollywood Reporter, where disclosed that the Disney factory has already hired screenwriter Aline Brosh McKenna, author of the screenplays for "The Devil Wears Prada", "27 Dresses" and the new version of "Cinderella", to take over the script of the film about the adventures of the evil of "101 Dalmatians".

Cruella de Vil, cartoons, 101 Dalmatians, Disney, Hollywood, Glenn Close"Cruella" will be the title so original for this second project by Disney, based on an evil of their classic films, after performing "Maleficent", another of the evil of the factory of dreams in "Sleeping Beauty", which is released in 2014 with Angelina Jolie, an evil very beautiful, as the protagonist.

After "101 Dalmatians" become paper book, written in 1956 by British writer Dodie Smith, to the big screen in cartoon format by Disney in 1961, the transformation in two-dimensional to flesh and blood characters came in 1996 with "101 Dalmatians" and in 2000 with "102 Dalmatians", with a magnificent and unforgettable portrayal of actress Glenn Close who was responsible for giving life to Cruella de Vil.

Glenn Close, after her two performances, she took appreciation at the hysterical evil. For this reason the actress will be involved in the new Disney project but, this time, it comes up as executive producer. So the protagonist of the film is vacant, which starts searching director and actors. Nor is there anything planned for the start of shooting date, it is normal if there is still not developed, nor for its release date.

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