Michael J. Fox returns tackles to television

Michael J. Fox, actor, NBC, series, television, film, USA, Canada, Back to the Future
The Canadian-American actor Michael J. Fox, returns to take an important step in his life to return to TV, 13 years later, as star of the new comedy series on NBC Michael J. Fox Show. Where fact and fiction merge into each episode with large doses of humor.

Many of the new generations will wonder who is Michael J. Fox. For the older the actor is Marty McFly in the trilogy "Back to the Future". For others he is the teenage werewolf Scott Howard, in the movie "Teen Wolf". He is also remembered as Alex, the son of the family Keaton on "Family Ties" series that made ​​him famous. Or also, as the Deputy Mayor of the City of New York, Mike Flaherty, in the series "Spin City". For children and not so young, is the original voice of the protagonist of "Stuart Little". But for all of us, Michael has become a true example of courage and self-improvement for people who mainly are sick and need a boost of encouragement to succeed. 

For this reason, and as many more, Michael J. Fox
returns to television, specifically NBC, which on September 26 began broadcasting in a pilot, the new comedy series Michael J. Fox Show, which represents Mike Henry, a New York City TV journalist, who returns to his job five years after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. Mike's character, as in real life of Michael J. Fox, does not want that the disease define him, he does not accept that any of the characters in the series, not even his family, feel sorry.

Michael J. Fox, actor, NBC, series, television, film, USA, Canada, Back to the FutureMichael J. Fox Show, in part family comedy, in part office comedy, will consist of 22 episodes that will try to some extent all the actor's happened so far, because of illness, always with a touch of humor without ever going to limit the grotesque. One such moment is when Mike makes a phone call. Due to the problem of muscle control, he mistakenly marks 911, emergency number. When he realizes this, Mike explains to the operator that "my drugs still have no effect". In a later scene, two police suddenly burst into the house to answer the call. After seeing that there is no emergency, one of the officers recognized the reporter and said, "since both are here, could you give us an autograph? My uncle has Alzheimer's". To which Mike replies, "actually I have Parkinson's". The policeman says, "No way".

Michael J. Fox Show, it becomes a challenge for the actor, since it is a job that he believes "it can give people strength" as he said weeks ago in the American edition of Rolling Stone, which he was the cover image. Though some people don't seem to be so sure of that, as many have asked, "Are you sure you can handle this? Are you sure you can deal with it?". To which Michael J. Fox replied: "No. I'm not sure I can, but I want to and I have an opportunity to".  

20 years ago that Michael J. Fox fights and lives with Parkinson's disease that was diagnosed in 1991 with 30 years of age, and went public in 1998 on the set of the series "Spin City". In 2000, the actor creates the Michael J. Fox Foundation. The year 2012, the Foundation donated $ 250 million. So far it has donated $ 350 million to become the second largest donor, according to Forbes magazine, for the investigation of Parkinson's disease.

From this humble blog, I want to give all my support, all my love and all the luck to Michael J. Fox in this new series, and I tell him that every recorded episode, each episode issued of Michael J. Fox Show is a step forward in life, one more step of the ladder of valor and courage that every day we try to climb a little higher.

And although he does not like that tell him this, I want to tell their own right, welcome back "my" hero.

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