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One Direction forced to delete post on Facebook and Twitter

One Direction, music, X-Factor, 1DThe boys of group One Direction have been forced to delete certain posts in two of the most popular social networks, Facebook and Twitter. It appears that the group encouraged to upload photos and videos allowing display a tattoo in honor of the group. One way to encourage tattooing at teens.


Kylie Minogue nude in her Twitter Minogue has starred in a photo shoot for the magazine "Glamour" and he wished to show up to the social network a very suggestive and provocative photo that makes the imagination run alone.


Spike Lee on Twitter publishes the address of an elderly couple a celebrity wants to really make a mistake and make fuss, no need to go on television and start banging each other, no, just type something in the social network Twitter to millions of people see what is has written and begin the real problems for others.