Depeche Mode discography reissued on vinyl

Depeche Mode, music, United Kingdom, Delta MachineDuring the next four months and in three installments, the British band Depeche Mode will release all their musical discography on vinyl. After the gift of a new work in 2013 entitled "Delta Machine", the group want to return to the golden age of vinyl.

Although actually vinyl has never died, thanks to some DJ's who prefer excite themselves  at the sound of the needle walking along the vynil groove, others who will give a boost to the revival of the disc are the boys of the British band Depeche Mode. From March the whole discography of David Gahan, Martin Gore and Andrew Fletcher is reissued.

Depeche Mode, music, United Kingdom, Delta MachineThe spring is not only the flowers in the field and the birds singing, there are great surprises like this. Something that many collectors are already rubbing their hands and the staunchest followers of Depeche Mode are already anxious and drooling the first vynil albums of the band, black and round, are now on sale from February 4. Yes, they are of this way, they are not silver and small, that's a CD. And they are not introduced into a pen drive. This collection is a real gem for the nostalgic.

For those who have not yet heard, yesterday went on sale: "Some Great Reward", "Music For The Masses", "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" and "Black Celebration". You are already running at your music store if you don't want to lose this great ocassion.

For great fortunates to have in his possession the first release, they can sign up on the agenda the following dates and albums that are out at the music market. The second block will be released on March 25 to be included in "A Broken Flame", "Ultra", "Construction Time Again" and "Violator". And finally, on May 27 will be available "Speak And Spell", "Exciter", "Playing The Angel" and "Sounds Of The Universe".

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